Model Neighbourhood

Our ambition is to empower communities in North East of Sheffield to live happier and healthier lives.

The four North East areas of focus will be:

  1. Burngreave and Grimesthorpe (includes Pitsmoor)
  2. Firth Park
  3. Crabtree and Fir Vale (includes Page Hall)
  4. Southey Green East

There are three key aims to the work:

  1. To connect people to each other in their communities through increased investment in to local Voluntary and Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations
  2. To build community capacity of individuals and neighbourhoods to help them address issues that are important to them
  3. To devolve power to communities

We will meet these aims by delivering the following objectives:

  • Communities will produce their neighbourhood plans
  • Make long term investments into VCSE
  • Improve opportunities for people to connect and contribute to their local area
  • To coordinate work of partners in North East
  • People can influence decisions that affect their neighbourhood via participatory budgeting
  • Ensure we make the best use of local infrastructure to improve connection to people in the community
  • Enhance the skills, knowledge and resources of local people to improve their communities and own lives
  • Pilot a new relational model for small number of families experiencing disadvantage

Case for change:

  • High levels of inequality and deprivation, with disempowered and disconnected communities
  • The North East has very high levels of deprivation, impacting life expectancy, healthy life expectancy, educational attainment, skill-level and the overall health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Area has largest number of people who are in multi-occupation households, digitally excluded, experience fuel poverty and food insecurity. Area has high unemployment and high crime rates
  • Communities are big users of public services, many with complex needs and lives, yet with little say or control over decisions that affect them
  • VCSE sector on its knees with huge demands, short-term funding, and managing more complex cases than before
  • System is overwhelmed and understaffed
  • Public sector services are designed around the needs of system, not communities. 
  • Race Equality Commission report recommendation for NHS to “reconsider the balance of health funding for prevention and treatment services, disproportionate investment including in community capacity and infrastructure building”
  • Changing national narrative on need to work differently with communities and shift power


  • Shift power to communities
  • Target resources to where needs are greatest
  • Focus on what’s strong and local, not what’s wrong and external
  • Readdress the balance in funding for black, minority ethnic communities
  • Work alongside communities on identifying needs and solutions
  • Plans will be community led and community focused, not system led
  • Investment into VCSE will be long-term, sustainable, flexible, and accessible
  • Non-medical model based on relationships and connections, not services
  • Be inclusive and recognise communities of interest alongside neighbourhoods
  • Work together to maximise opportunities for extra investment
  • Improve coordination of work between local organisations and different parts of the same organisation
  • Work will be evidence-based
  • Share good practice locally and wider
  • Monitor long-term impact  on system and communities via stories, not inputs or outputs

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